Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years!

We spent last night just hanging out. We had nachos for dinner and ate chips and dips until midnight when we had Sprite in our wine glasses. The kids loved it.

David has me hooked on Gran Turismo 4 for PS2. I've never played too many of the games because the controllers are just too foreign to me. I'm getting this one, though. And secretly have been playing one of the kids games when they're sleeping so maybe one day I can whoop one of them. Haha. Or at least not look so controller-challenged.

This week I noticed that I was thinking about Anna alot. It dawned on me that this was the week of the abortion. It's amazing how God redeems things. I no longer think on this time with alot of pain - more like whistful-what-if's, if that makes sense. It was 15 years ago! Wow! It's amazing how God uses what satan intended for evil for good. I know His Word says He does that, but it is so amazing when you see it. I thank Him every time I think about it that He's blessed me with giving me knowledge through this.

It's been a long time since I've longed for Heaven. I asked God a little bit back if he would give me that desire again. He did that today. I was thinking about Anna in the shower and realized that I had a pang of feeling like I was not home. I realized that I longed to be home - home in Heaven. Home with my baby girl and grandparents that have gone before. Home. Home is not here. This is so temporary. I want God to give me what it takes to live like I know that. I want to live like the things I do here matter for eternity, not for now. Now is fleeting - a mist. It's the eternity that matters. I'm rambling.

The kids and I went out for a while today. We took the rent by the drop-box and ran some errands. We ate at Ci-Ci's Pizza. We haven't been there since Josh was tiny in his infant seat. It was good. After that, we ran around to various dollar stores (my favorites!) to get first a plunger, then bags and party favors for Josh's party this Saturday. I love shopping success!

His party is going to be lots of fun, although I doubt he'll really get that anything is going on for him - just that everybody he knows is here and he gets lots of sugar.

Enough for tonight. My game is calling...

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