Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, I finally did it. I went to the gym today. And I really liked it! It even has a place for Josh to hang out. Of course, I took Jacob because he wouldn't be ok hanging out there without somebody. Jacob was quite good about it, so I got him a Coke at Sonic when we were done. He's such a great kid for me. Cody stayed here with Trace and I think was just as happy as Jacob with his Coke because he had the playstation to himself.

Dad called and has Jake's phone. It's just like mine and I know the kid's gonna go through the roof when he gets it. I'm excited for him.

I miss my husband. It seems like we never have time to ourselves anymore. At all. It makes my heart ache. I know it's important for him to spend time with the kids by themselves - and I completely want him to, but when will it be my turn? I don't even mind if Josh is with us most of the time. And we don't have to go anywhere really. I just miss having conversations with him. I don't want alone-time with the tv on. I don't want to wake up when the kids are gone and not know him anymore. I'm not trying to rant, just put my feelings down. And I don't think it's either of our faults, particularly, I just think we have to make more of an effort to make time. It may mean a sacrifice in some other area and I'm so ok with that.

Anyway, I'm gonna read some and hit the hay.

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